Cruel Buddhist

A pioneer of live lofi hip-hop performance, Cruel Buddhist serves peaceful musical meditations with his aesthetic instrumental beats balancing elegance and grit.

'Oatmeal Rich' live at Yongfoo Elite

Pinoeer of Live Lofi

With his latest EP 'Sonder' distributed by 88 Rising, Cruel Buddhist’s unique focus on the live performance of lofi hip-hop has him opening shows for chill beatmaker legends like MNDSGN, Budamunk, and Nightmares on Wax.

Tim Pritchard of ‘Discovery’ Magazine says “Cruel Buddhist’s sound lands somewhere between (Brian) Eno’s ambient tinkles and the experimental, instrumental trip-hop of Flying Lotus, Quantic, and Bonobo.”

Drawing from R&B, 70’s funk, and vaporwave, he uses a loop station to combine synthesizers, samplers, nature sounds, and improvisation to interpret his introspective lofi hip-hop productions in a hypnotizing live performance.

Instead of the DJ style performances common for electronic music, Cruel Buddhist shows are played 100% live using innovative techniques that place him at the cutting edge of modern music performance.

Focused on aesthetic, his HiMA Modern Art Museum feature and Shanghai Fashion Week performances have brought him collaborations with brands like Chanel, Puma, Converse, Rémy Martin, and even as music featured onboard Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific airlines.

Live Show Highlights

Documentary Short

Full Live Set

Sunday afternoon event in Shanghai's quiet garden oasis with coloring books for guests to enjoy during the chill live music.


Sonder EP

Exploring nature in electronic beats music.
Eating Music / 88 Rising, 2022.


Lockdown Loops

Musical diary from historic '22 Shanghai Lockdown.
Eating Music, 2022.

9 full projects, 6+ million streams on Spotify, featured on 4k+ playlists including Spotify editorials

Cassette Tape

  • Two releases on one cassette

  • A side - 'Sonder' EP

  • B side - 'Lockdown Loops' beattape

  • Comes in a clear case to showcase the cover art on each side of the yellow cassette

  • 23 tracks / 3 stickers / 2 tracklist cards / 2 download cards

  • 60 minute run time

Sonder Coloring Book

Shop for Coloring Book

A nine page coloring book of images hand drawn by Cruel Buddhist with a Sonder album digital download included.

"Like my music, I made all the images by hand instead of using digital programing, hoping to encounter the imperfections of human touch and hardware that can give soul to creative works.

I made these with only an ink pen, compass, ruler, spirograph, and the local copy store’s scanner; reasonably accessible materials for most people. In the same vein, tracks three and seven on Sonder were made entirely with a toy keyboard I bought for $9 at a thrift store.

Being creative is the best part of living and knowing it can be done, in both music and image, for such little cost is comforting. The salvation of creative trance is readily affordable for anyone who cares to enter it."